Things you should not do in Myanmar

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The existences of every country all over the world are different according to their location, nature, people, climate, religion, culture and traditions. So, to maintain a good balance, each country has its own rules and regulations which are officially and obviously expressed and announced for particular situations. But, there are still some general and unobvious things for you to follow. To guide you the best, here is our LM Travel Myanmar although we are not able to cover all situations.

Do Smile

Myanmar people are friendly, helpful and polite. They always wear a smile on their face and also give you a warm smile even if they don’t know you. Smile is a recognition and interaction among one another. Thus, do smile and give a smile back.

Wear decent clothes in Religious place

According to the Myanmar tradition, wearing a full-length dress is one of the most suitable and polite behavior. That’s why most of them wear Myanmar Traditional Attire when they visit religious places and ceremonies. So, when you go to religious places, keep your shoulders and knees covered and if not, you are not allowed to access. Moreover, the most important things is to remove shoes and socks before you enter sacred places, especially pagodas complex, shrines, temples, monasteries.

Keep Responsible photographing

Myanmar people are good-natured but they are shy. So, always ask before taking photos or videos of people for some situations like-it is not suitable to take a photo of pregnant women because they assume that makes them hard in delivering the baby. Even, don’t take any photos if it may make them feel embarrassed.

Respect Myanmar people and their traditions

Myanmar tourist guides and drivers are very supportive and helpful. But, you need to respect them. Although they are serving you, they are not your employees. They are guiding you to facilitate your trip and sharing about what is Myanmar. They are also professionals and have their own standards. They are precious persons and protected by our Myanmar Tourism Policy. So, please avoid any contemptible behaviors or words on them. Moreover, don’t climb over fragile ruins of the temples for your spectacular viewpoint and good photo shots. According to Myanmar tradition, women are not allowed to enter to some parts of pagodas and temples. Please understand and respect that.

Avoid improper use of the image of Buddha

In Myanmar, most are Buddhists and they deeply believe in Buddha and treasure the image of Buddha. So, they are very sensitive to improper use of image of Buddha and if you do, it may result in severe consequences. For example, a monk found a Spanish tourist with a tattoo of Buddha on his calf in Bagan and a Canadian tourist was arrested in Inle Lake because a local noticed the tattoo of Buddha’s face on his leg. Both were immediately expelled from Myanmar “for their safety.” So value what others value.

Reduce Plastic

Myanmar really appreciates a responsible tourist manner. So, please help us by bringing your own reusable water bottle along the trip. Moreover, some travel companies are also giving reusable water bottle as a present to their customers. So, please bring it. And, also set an example to the communities that you visit.

Don’t touch anyone on the head

For Myanmar people, the head is the most esteemed part of the body. They don’t like touching them on their head cause they assume that is aggressive and the height of disrespect. Sometimes, you may think a child is lovely and then you make a pat on her head. But their parents may not like and sometimes, even themselves. Moreover, use pillows only to rest your head and don’t sit on them. The worst things are touching the monks and novices on their heads, touching their robes, greeting the monks by handshaking and hugging because these things are not suitable and against with the rules of monks.

Nape, Head, Child, Cosmos, Painting

Don’t point with your feet

The head is the holiest part, and the foot is considered impure. So, don’t use your leg to point anything. It is thought of as great disrespect and even rude. When you sit, your leg should not be stretched out in front of you. So, tuck away your feet. Moreover, your feet should never face the family shrine or Buddha.

Don’t express excessive affection in Public Area

Myanmar is still a conservative country that is why they don’t accept the excessive expression of emotion and affection in public areas. Thus, no hug and kisses in public area, please. They think that is shameful and inappropriate.

Do not buy protected historical and archeological artifacts

Myanmar is losing its antique items. They are taken out of the country. So, you are not allowed to buy to carry them out of the country. You can’t even accept as a gift.

Hire a local licensed Tour guide

With globalization and modernization, maybe you can use google maps and the internet for any information and histories. But, no one can know about Myanmar better than the licensed guides do.

Sexual Exploitation regardless of age is against the Myanmar Law

Using Drug is illegal in Myanmar

Thus, when you travel to Myanmar, do what Myanmar people do. Value their culture and tradition. Behave as a responsible tourist and spend your time by creating precious moments in Myanmar. If you need any assistance, our LM Travel Myanmar is ready to help you.

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