Myanmar(Burma) Thanaka, Natural Cosmetic of Myanmar

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Naturally, every girls or woman want to be beautiful at any age. So scientists have invented several kinds of cosmetic products such as makeup, foundation cream, perfume, lipsticks, eyeliner, nail varnish, day cream, night cream, skin lotion, UV-protect cream and so on. The expenditure on chemical production is very large. Moreover, these chemical cosmetic products have allergic problems and are classified according to the complexion. Luckily Myanmar has all in one special natural cosmetic product, which is called Thanaka. It isn’t artificial and natural cosmetics. Thanaka is got from Thanaka Tree. Thanaka tree is called Limonia Crenulata in the botanical terms, including in the Rutaceae Family. They grow in the Low Land of Central Myanmar and also found in Sri Lanka and some parts of India.

Thanaka Paste, Powder and Usefulness of Thanaka

To wear Thanaka on your face, you need three things- Thanaka bark, stone slap called Kyauk Pyin and water. When you grind the bark with water on the stone slap, you get the paste and then wear it on your face in many patterns. But, most of Myanmar people wear in shape of square and circle. Not only girls but also boys can wear Thanaka although girls usually do. The reason why Myanmar people like Thanaka is not only it is good for skin but also it herbal. But the main reason is for good skin. It protects from sunburnt, removes acne and makes the skin smooth. For skin allergy, you can apply on your skin after grinding it with salt and water. Some workers who work under the sun coat Thanaka to protect sunburn, because the paste can maintain the moisturizer of the skin. Its fragrance also makes the people fresh. When you wear it in hot weather, you get cool and you feel warm when you do in cold. Myanmar girls and women have been coating Thanaka for many centuries. According to the scientific studies Thanaka contains a high concentration of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Thanaka Tree and its nature

Thanattkha trees are growing in the low land of Central Myanmar. There are no particular kinds of trees but different names according to the places they grow. Thanaka which grows in Shwebo is named Shwebo Thanaka, ones in Shinmataung as Shinmataung Thanaka, ones in Ayardaw as Ayardaw Thanaka, etc. Moreover, it is also named according to the growers of good quality-for example, the ones which are grown by U Sein Min are called U Sein Min Thanaka. And, Among all, Shin Ma Taung Thanaka is the most famous one. According to the nature of the Thanaka tree, ones especially grow in rocky soil is the best, making it compact and fragrant. Thus, its quality depends on the ground it grows. Normally, it takes over 20 or 30 years for a tree of good quality.

So if you have a steam of Thanaka, a little water, and a Kyauk Pyin you can create for becoming an angel by yourself. Moreover, you can also visit the Thanaka plantation and the nature of Thanaka if you join with our LM Travel Myanmar.

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