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Kalaw is a hill station founded by British during the British Occupation in Myanmar. It is situated on the Shan Mountain ranges, 1320 meters high above the sea level. Its climate is quite cool and the weather is very pleasant all year around while the rest of the country is a bit hot. It is really a lovely and peaceful town rounded by Blue Mountains, pine woods, bamboo groves and local tribe villages. A mix of the colonial style buildings and Asian architecture makes the town colorful and alive. It has been called as a little Switzerland. Now, it became very popular for its trekking. You can go trekking around the villages or you can trek to famous Inle Lake and to Pindaya. There are many attractions you should pay a visit during your stay. Some of them are mentioned below.

Going around the peaceful Town

The best thing to do in Kalaw is to go around the beautiful town because the town has been an attraction itself. You can feel the cool fresh air and breeze, looking out of your window with a panoramic view over the hills.Walk down the clean road, having a look at the colonial buildings and colorful flowers along .Drop in the Kalaw Market to explore the local lifestyle and their live hoods. The tribes from the villages around come to sell their products. You can also enjoy many kinds of Shan traditional food in one stop. A variety of local tribes dressed in their traditional attires will also catch your eyes.

KalawHnee Phaya (Bamboo Buddha Image )

This is one of the famous pagodas in Kalaw. It is 500-years-old Bamboo Buddha Image, covered in gold. You will be served with free green tea leaf salad and green tea there.

Shwe U Min Pagoda

Shwe U Min Pagoda is one of the best attractions in Kalaw. There is a magnificent limestone cave and many Buddha statues inside. It gets tourists’ attention by its radiant Buddha statues and exotic stalactite. No one knows exactly how long has the pagoda existed. Probably it has gone through a very long time. Also, visitors traveling to the pagoda can enjoy a breathtaking ambiance that hardly can be found in anywhere else.

Trekking to Inle Lake

Trekking has been a major factor that attracts the travelers to visit Kalaw. Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake is a hit one among travelers, now. Along the trek, you can see the tribes and their sweet smile and then you will realize how much it is heart-warming. Enjoy the natural view and listen to the birds singing. The green fields, plants and flowers will make you fresh along the way.