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MrauK U

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10 days

Mrauk U is a little town known ancient and archeological site in Western Myanmar ,  used to be the capital of the Mrauk U Kingdom, a powerful empire that existed from 15 century. There are  hundreds of ancient temples and pagodas in the beautiful hilly landscape of the Rakhine state, many of which are well preserved remain of the powerful empire that once flourished here.

 Mrauk U is a small town where the centuries old monuments form the backdrop for every day life of local people in Rakhine State. Often the area is foggy, especially during the early morning hours, which creates a mystical atmosphere but not visited by international travelers.

Comparing to Angkor in Cambodia , MrakU receives very few visitors due to the scene of unrest and the area has been temporarily closed to foreign visitors. Make sure there are no travel restrictions before traveling to the area,Information can be obtained from local travel agencies.

Temples and pagodas of Mrauk U

Over a period of more than 350 years countless temples and pagodas were built. Some of the best known are:

Ratana-Pon pagoda

Shite-Thaung Temple (80000 Images of Buddha temple)

Laungbanpyauk pagoda

Mahabodhi shwegue temple

Koe-Thaung temple ( 90000 images of Buddha temple)

Le-Myat-Hna temple ( 4 faced pagoda)