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11 Days

Hsipaw (local people call Thibaw) is situated in Myanmar’s largest state called Shan State that is home to one of the countries most prominent and proudest large ethnic group ( Shan). If you are looking for authentic trip in Myanmar , Hsipaw is one of the most scenic train ride adventures along Myanmar’s far reaching rail system. Hsipaw was known as the most powerful saopha Shan States, saopha meaning “lord of the heavens.” Hsipaw played one of the most active political roles in Shan State as well as national Burmese politics from the 11th century, ending in 1962 and it is home to some of the most scenic views in the country, for those who wish to escape beaches and find themselves amongst thick forests, hillsides and waterfalls the treks that Hsipaw has to offer could be your Myanmar end game. The best time to visit would be after the monsoon season, November to April.