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Yangon Circular Train

Most of the tourists who comes to Myanmar says ‘I specially love Myanmar people’. It is proving that you need to explore local lifestyle and get a touch with them when you are in Myanmar. So, what is the best way to get close with local people when you are in Yangon, Myanmar? Take the circular train. It is really fanatics and also the cheapest way to observe through Yangon. The train will take you to the outskirts of Yangon through the local quarters and markets. I am sure this will let you have the unique experience for realizing everyday life in Myanmar.

What to expect

The circular railway was built by the British during the colonial time. The train connects the main stops, carrying over ten thousand people of the town to their daily work. So, it runs the whole day going clockwise and counter-clockwise along the 45.9 kilometer loop. It stops at 39 stations making the people easy to get around the city. At the station, people are carrying their bags, vendors selling the food and also kids playing around. On the train, you will see the vendors selling water bottle, snow towel and Myanmar traditional food going to and from along the aisle. Most of the vendors sell the Burmese fast food. So, they prepare the food in front of the customer quickly.It is really interesting to see this. They are getting hop on and off between the stops, making their livelihood. You can see how they trade their products and capture the view of Burmese lifestyle. When you look through the window, you will see the local market along the way.

How to ride

Choose a station for your ride depending on your location and desire and get the ticket in advance before your departure. There are many departure times, covering the whole day. If you hop on the train in the morning, there are more chances to see the local morning markets along the way and more alive scenes. One thing is tight space and sometimes hard to get a seat because of the rush hours. You will have elbow-space on the train when you get the train in the afternoon. But, less to see the local markets. It is still possible to explore the whole day local market at the station if you get off at the one near the market despite of afternoon. The time the tourists jump on the train is normally around 10:00 am.

Moreover, special thing is you have many options of hours for your ride because of almost every kilometer stops. For minutes or for hours, whatever you want? To ride along the whole loop, it will take around 3 hours. The tourists commonly take an hour ride from Yangon Central Railway Station to Danyingon Station. But, if you like to ride for minutes, take it from Yangon Central one to Kyeemyintaing one. Depending on the time and place of your choice, the experience will be different. To be perfect arrangement, covering everything, joining a travel agent is the best for your ride. Our LM Travel Myanmar is offering many excellent tours in and around Yangon, including the Circular Train Ride. Feel free to contact us for your perfect ride.

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