Wonderful trekking in Kalaw

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Why we should do Kalaw Trekking.

Kalaw , the colonial era hill-station is  most popular trekking destination in Myanmar for many reasons, it is surrounded by spectacular scenery , rich ethnic diversity, over night home stay at local house or monastery and a beautiful stop in own right , Kalaw is the perfect place to start your trek through Southern Shan State.

  1. Kalaw is beautiful

The unfortunate aspect of trekking in Kalaw is the most people spend too little time in the town itself. It boasts a deliciously cool climate, a wide variety of tasty food options, a handful of bars , a lively markets and plenty of great hotels. If this sounds appealing, then consider doing day trek from Kalaw instead

2. It is all downhill

In Southern Shan State , the most popular trek for the tourists is from kalaw to Inle lake. There’s a reason why it starts in the west : Kalaw elevation is about 1310 Meters  while Inle lake is only 800 Meters. The trek is by no means flat – you will need a basic level of fitness to cover the 50-60 kilometers but in overall there is a definite downhill, particularly as you get closer to inle. There are many routes , to Inle lake from Kalaw so the paths never get particularly crowded even at peak season ( October to March) . The trek is usually completed over three days, but it is possible to do it in 2 days by starting a closer to Inle.

3. Home Stay is amazing

In Myanmar, home stay is not still permitted in big city such as Yangon , Mandalay , Bagan and Inle lake. So if you like to see how Myanmar people’s daily routine and learn real of ethnic group in Kalaw area. You could enjoy home cooked delicious food while doing trekking

4. Ethnic Diversity

In Myanmar, there are 135 ethnic group and  the ethnic diversity of the Kalaw area is hard to beat. Kalaw is always considered a kind transition zone between the lands of Burmese to the west and Shan to the east and is home to large numbers of Danu , Taunyoe , Pa-O , Palaung and Shan. Gurkha communities also developed under colonial rule. Along route from Kalaw to Inle lake you will get the chance to meet people from most or even all of these groups and see the cultural , religious and socioeconomic difference for yourself.

5.Stunning Scenery

The Kalaw area boasts jagged mountain ranges , spectacular valleys and local villages. It is hardly untouched through there is a large rural population that relies on area their livelihood , so don’t expect mountain wildness ,instead you will find the paddy fields, meadows of mustard and canola and pathway blocked by herds of cattle. The intense liveliness of the area and attraction make for amazing photos in your life.

6.Experienced guides

The steady stream of foreign visitors in recent decades has encouraged the development of a vibrant trekking industry  , so it is never hard to find a guides. Many  younger residents in Kalaw are increasingly finding work as guides and porters due to good incomes. You could not also do this trekking without guides and porters as google map does not work very well in that area and if you like to contribute local people , you must hire guides. We LM Travel Myanmar trained many guides and they are ready to provide excellent services to our clients.

If you are ready to do trekking in Kalaw , please send email to us so we could create memorable trip for you.

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