Temple View Dinner in Bagan

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Temple View Dinner in Bagan

Try pizza when you are in Paris. If so, what should you try when you are in Myanmar? The answer is “join the temple view dinner in Bagan”. Recently, Temple View Dinner becomes very popular among tourists. As you know, the main sense of Bagan is its thousands of ancient temples. So, why don’t you join this to get the major taste of visiting Bagan.Imagine a relaxing dinner with the view of temples.

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Your dinner table will be set in some distances from the temples. Candle lights and lanterns are beautifully decorated around the table and temples. If you like, your dinner will be accompanied with traditional entertainments. You can enjoy your dinner along with Myanmar Traditional Dance or just listen to the relaxing songs played by the traditional instruments like Myanmar Traditional Harp, xylophone, orchestras, etc.

With lovely table set, Myanmar traditional foods are being offered with a can of Myanmar Beer. For high budget, it offers a glass of local house wine for every guest on their arrival. You can also create the memorable night for anniversary dinner and surprise dinner for honeymoon couples until midnight. A peaceful romantic dinner with the amazing view of red brick ancient temples will make you never forget in your life. Join our LM Travel Myanmar for your the temple view dinner to get unique travel experience.