Putao: Princess of Northern Myanmar

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Putao is a peaceful picturesque town, locating in Kachin State of Northern Myanmar. It is the place where you can see the highest snow-capped mountain of Southeast Asia called Hkakabo Razi and other snow-capped mountains. These mountains are forming the sources of the Malikha River. And the river flows through the town into Ayeyarwaddy River, the lifeblood of Myanmar. Imagine a pleasant town with a beautiful river is flowing through the town and sound the current flow of the river. The weather of the town is cold all year round especially in winter with a temperature of 10 Ċ, situating 477 m above sea level. In the early morning, the town is tranquility covered in a thick blanket of fog. The majority of habitats are Rawan and Lisu which are subgroups of Kachin ethnic group.

Things to do in Putao

Nat island– the strange existence of the rock is the major one which attracts the visitors. A white pagoda is also on the rock. Wonderful Rock surrounded by clear water really looks good. You need to take a boat to go there along the Malikha river and it takes about 20 minutes for one way.

Kaung Mu Lon Pagoda– There is a saying that is if you have been to these three pagodas- Kaung Mu Lone in Upper Myanmar, Shwe Si gone in Central Myanmar and Shwedagon in Lower Myanmar, your wish will come true.

ASEAN Heritage Museum-Here, you can see what are in Khakabo Razi ASEAN Heritage Park. Taxidermied animals and recorded photos are displayed. You can also see many flora species, including Black Orchids and Putao Tiger-lily. This is the little world to imagine real Khakabo Razi Park even if you can’t go there. So, don’t skip this.

Putao Market-Local Market is the best place to explore the culture and lifestyle of local people. So, wander around the market and make some deals. But, the market of the small town is the morning market and you need to go there early to get more time to explore.

Mularshide Suspension Bridge– If you go there in the morning, you will find the bridge in the snow and fog is very beautiful and gives you a great shot for good photos. The bridge was used for jeeps in the former time. But now, used as a footpath cause a new bridge has been built near the old one. The bridge itself is not only one place for you because you will see how stunning and pleasant it is when you go beside the creek below the bridge.

Taste Kachin food and wear Kachin traditional dress– Kachin food is famous around the country and different in cooking and serving style. Foods are mostly served in the leaves, usually in banana leaves. Thus, why don’t you try Kachin food while you are in Kachin Land? One thing you should try is to wear Kachin Traditional Dress. Pick up one and take a photo in a traditional dress.

Manaw Ground– Manaw ground is the sign of Kachin State and Kachin ethnic group. The Manaw Festival ground is decorated with the Manaw poles in the center, adorned with the traditional motif in red, black and white. Taking a photo with Manaw pole background is one of the must-do for visiting Putao, Kachin Land.

Adventure Travel Activities– Actually, the reason to visit Putao is for serious trekking, mountaineering, white water rafting and skiing in surrounding mountains. The snow-capped mountains are Khakabo Razi (19296 feet), Gamlang Razi (19260 feet), Phoneyin Razi(13800 feet), Phangaran Razi ( 14200 feet). If you are an adventure-seeker, these mountains will meet your satisfaction.

How to access Putao

Because of initiating tourism, transportation is poor and thus, the best way for your convenience is by air. But there is no direct flight from Yangon and Mandalay International Airport. You will have a via at Myitkyina Airport. So, it will be quite expensive. But, believe it is worth your trip.

This quaint old town is occupying the spectacular view of snow-capped mountains but doesn’t expect only to see these mountains cause you can see them only on the cloudless day. Try the things mentioned above. Although Putao is worth your visit, it is restricted to foreigners to access it until now. But I am sure that it will be opened to you later to show the wild hidden beauty of Myanmar and wonderful snow-capped mountains. And, our LM Travel Myanmar will announce if it is open to you and will arrange the best services. So, keeping listening to us and be prepared and ready to leave your footprints on beautiful Kachin Land.

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