Pathein Umbrella

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Pathein Umbrella

Pathein , the capital of the Ayeyarwady Division of Myanmar’s delta region is  for famous for Pathein Umbrella and well known worldwide. This cottage industry was established in Pathein over a hundred years ago.

Girl walking across UPein bring with Pathein Umbrella

Origin of Pathein Umbrella”

130 years ago, U Shwe Sar who was a professional umbrella maker lived in the palace of King Thibaw, the second last king in Myanmar. He created special umbrellas only for those people who were royal family members and upper class people. So it was beginning a new signature between them and used in ceremonies. Those umbrellas were called “Eain-Daw-Yar Umbrella”.

During the World War II, U Shwe Sar moved to Pathein (700 kilometers away from Mandalay) and started making umbrellas for his living. Later it is called “Pathein Umbrella”.

Upein Bridge near Mandalay

“Symbol of Myanmar”

Now “Pathein Umbrella” had been a symbol of Pathein city and also for Myanmar. U Shwe Sar passed down his techniques and secrets of making umbrellas to his son U Saw. And U Saw taught to the other people as he is eager to keep the traditional patrimony.

“Pathein Umbrella Making”

There are 56 steps to make “Pathein Umbrella”. And making of it is very interesting and one of the best things to keep as a souvenir. If you like to watch making “Pathein Umbrella”, please do not hesitate and contact [email protected].

Beautiful Myanmar girl with Pathein Umbrella