Ngapali beach in Myanmar

Myanmar has long coastline from the northwest point of Rakhine State to the southern point of Tanitharyi region. Along the coastline there are many beaches such as Ngapali Beach, Kantharyar Beach, Chaung Thar Beach, Ngwe Saung Beach and so on. Ngapali Beach is located in the Bay of Bengal and contain in Rakhine State. The essential ingredients for becoming a best beach are having long coastline, a white wide sand beach, fine shoal, calm water perfect for swimming and no dangerous aquatic animals (e.g. shark), no hard rock just below the surface of the sea near the beach and no huge waves in the sea. Ngapali Beach is sufficient with these facts and even far from the urban areas and rather difficult way to get there. So she gets another invaluable name is called unspoiled or virgin beach. How is beautiful her name? A real touchdown into the ocean with incredible orange colour, the sunset view of Ngapali Beach is treasure pleasant of nature for our country, Myanmar. You think that the generally  things to do at the beaches are swimming, fishing, sun bathing, cycling, having fresh sea food, watching sun set and relaxing under the parasols. But at Ngapali Beach there are many significant things to do are also scuba diving and snorkeling to see amazing underwater world, beautiful coral-reef along the key because she has crystal clear water. Another unexpected things to do are jungle trekking, mountain biking, trip to local fishing villages. Our LM Travel Myanmar tour company serves any kind of tour at Ngapali Beach such as snorkeling in Ngapali beach , kayaking around Ngapali beach , trekking  around Ngapali beach and diving . If you spend you special holidays at Ngapali Beach you can connect our company to get great satisfaction. Ngapali beach is still virgin and still worth to visit.

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