Naga Traditional New Year Festival 2021

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Naga Region

Naga is one of 135 ethnic groups of Myanmar, occupying many different subgroups. They live on the mountain ranges of the Sagaing Region and some are in India border. Naga region is the place where you can see the genuine culture and tradition which remained unexplored and original.

Naga New Year Festival 2020

According to the 2008 Myanmar Constitution, Naga became a self-administrative region, including the Lashi, Lahe and Nanyoon towns. The Lahe is the Naga-headquartered town. It is a great idea to explore the Naga Region but the best time is to visit during the Naga New Year Festival. It has been held since 2001. The festival is alternatively held in each city ( Lashi, Lahe, and Nanyoon ) every year. In the coming 2020, it will be held in Lahe for three days, in mid-January. To join the festival, Naga tribes who are away from home come back because it represents the reunion of the relatives. It is held after harvest season before growing new ones. They make wishes for the coming year and share them with all and pray for good weather. During the festival, they hold the traditional dance in their traditional dress.

A fire camp is also made and visitors can take part to dance in a fire camp celebration. On the day of the opening ceremony, visitors are offered with traditional rice and curries. Kaung Ye (traditional alcoholic beverage locally made from red millet) is also available for the festival. So, their colorful traditional dress, dance, musical instruments, and food are very interesting and deserve your visit. If you want to visit the festival, you need to hold some permits and we are offering the best service for it.

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