Myanmar Traditional Food, Mohinga

Everyone wants to take delicious and nutritious breakfast because our stomach works the whole night so when we get up we are very hungry. Thus breakfast is very important for our life. Do you want to have the hot and delicious breakfast? I want to introduce one kind of Myanmar Traditional Food, Mohinga that is as delicious as ambrosia. Mohinga is really nice and famous for breakfast in Myanmar.  Because it contains carbohydrate, minerals, nutritious, protein and proteins,  which are essential for good health. There are several cooking methods of Mohinga. According to these methods name is changed, for example Yangon Mohinga, Pathein Mohinga, Myaing Mya Mohinga and so on. I want to present general cooking recipe of Mohinga. First, boiled the fish with lemongrass and then remove bones and mash the boiled fish. Next, mash some onions, ginger and garlic. After that, paste the gram power and cornstarch separately. And then, let the pan on the oven when the pan is hot put the oil and fry the mixture until its brown. When the colour is changed add a little  tumeric powder. Next, add the mashed fish and fish sauce. Finally, change those things into the pot and pour the two kind of paste into the pot then put slices banana steams, onions. When the soup is boiled tests the taste and reduces the fire and put on the oven with light heat at least 2 or 3 hours. The ingredients of Mohinga are rice noodles, fish soap, coriander, boiled egg, gram tempura, cayenne and fresh lemon. When consume Mohinga the taste can adjust as the consumer’s desire. This strange food can take not only breakfast but also lunch, dinner and even elevenses or collation. Mohinga is consumed by Myanmar at anytime or anywhere. That shows how much Myanmar like Mohinga. It can be bought easily from the tea shops, Myanmar Traditional Food Restaurant, at the Food Stall and even street hawders. There is no compelling reason to taste Mohinga when you make Foodie Tour in Myanmar. I recommend you try to taste Mohinga, Myanmar traditional Food.

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