Mergui or Myeik Archipelago

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The natural landscape is the best decoration for Myanmar. Myeik or Mergui archipelago which is composed of over 800 islands is especially the pride of Myanmar, lying in Andaman sea off the coast of southern Myanmar. In the former time, this beautiful paradise was hidden to tourists by the government. Even in 1997, it starts to open to tourists around the world.

The untouched scenery

This archipelago with over 800 islands in various sizes is poetically and wonderfully existing as a gift for nature-lovers around the world. Imagine white-sand beaches, crystal blue water, protected bays and incredible lagoons in the Andaman sea. It is the best dive spot in Asia with rays and world-famous clownfish. Everybody is surprised to see the underwater world with a diversity of stunning coral reefs.

Wide range of Activities

For water sports enthusiasts, this is the ideal place not to miss.

Diving & Snorkelling-Dive into and snorkel in the fresh cool water and get amazed to see the colorful sea plants and animals and coral reefs.

Sailing & Kayaking– Explore further islands complex by sailing and kayaking along the ancient mangrove creek and to the secret sea caves. See the birds and reptiles in the forests.

Swimming-Along the white sand beaches, you can take a sunbath and then soak into the fresh cool water.

Hiking & Trekking– Trek to the forest of the islands and discover the exotic plants and animals. When you like to get a panoramic view of the islands and the blue sea, try to hike up and get stunning photos. There you can also enjoy the spectacular sunset.

Visiting the place of Moken-Sea Gypsies– visit the village of Moken who are the natives of the islands.There, you can see the incredible diving skills and way of their life.

This unique paradise is a truly isolated, peaceful and undiscovered place in Myanmar. So, come and join with our LM  Travel Myanmar to enjoy this unique experience. We are offering excellent services.

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