Longyi or Myanmar Traditional Fashion

Every race has own customs, language, religion and dress. It is obvious to everyone that the dressing is what the race. Myanmar is situated between the big countries China and India. So our some customs came from both countries. Myanmar Traditional dress for man contains two parts. Upper part of shirt and jacket change from Chinese dress and lower part of longyi came from India but did not copy to get duplicated form. We took a little foundation style from them. Longyi means tying for covering the shame. In both men and women wear Longyi but for men is called Pasoe and for women is called Htamein. Before the colonial times Myanmar Longyi was without sewing to get a cylindrical shape, which was as like as a blanket. Myanmar occupation of Britain completely changed Myanmar society. During the monarchical administration men held the important position. The women plays were living at home, looking after her children, cooking for her family and managing the house. Myanmar women fashion, wearing long longyi almost touch the ground supported this situation. This made difficult to them drive a car, ride a bicycle and even walk quickly. Within colonial time Myanmar women needed to work and go outside. Changing the dressing style was not only for Myanmar women but also for men. So Since the colonial time Myanmar has been wearing Longyi as form as a cylindrical shape. In ancient time Myanmar girls made threads from cotton and weaved to get longyi at home. If the girl put threads on her loom to weave longyi for her boyfriend, her relations and her society will regard he and she have got married. Nowadays weaving is made by machine. But traditional weaving still exists in Myanmar. Visiting weaving tour contain in Amapura Sightseeing, Inle Sightseeing and Indein Sightseeing. Ordinary longyies are weaved by cotton and for attending the ceremonies longyies are weaved by silk. Wearing style of longyi is so strange and interested in visitors. Longyi is very fair on us because our country is very hot.  We can’t wear trousers or jeans in the hot season. So wearing longyi is not just about dress. It is something in the act and about idea, the way we live. You should try on longyi , when you get to our country to feel our free and beautiful style.

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