Laphet thoke or Myanmar Green Tea leaf salad

Have you ever seen the plant of tea? Tea and green tea is drunk all over the world. The original region of tea culture is Asia. This culture is diffused all over the world by trading. Every countries use tea only one way by drinking. But especially in Myanmar tea is used two ways, which are drinking dry tea and eating tea leaf. Tea leaf salad, Lahpet Thoke is very popular in Myanmar. Tea leaf salad contains tea leaf, fry bean, dry pawn, green chili, salt, oil, sesame, green tomatoes, garlic, fish past, lemon juice and cabbage. At the ceremonies the ingredients of tea leaf do not mix, they are decorated separately in the shallow lacquer ware dish called lahpet onk. The best quality of tea is called Shwe Phi Oo Lahpet, which is picked up before the first rain of the monsoon. When the rain fall the quality of tea is reduced. Tea is grown mainly on the hills in northern Shan State. So when you go Kalaw trekking or Thibaw Trekking or Loikaw Trekking, you may see scenic view, which is Shan women are picking tea in their tea land. Green tea and tea leaf is produced from tea bud and tea is produced from tea leaf. Tea takes part in Myanmar society deeply and it is essential food for every reception in Myanmar. According to Myanmar custom when the guest visits to our home, we entertain with green tea to show our hospitality. During Myanmar monarchical period, when two persons quarreled and they were been judged and argued about their problem. When the judge made decision so both parties got reconciliation and then to express the peaceful situation they ate tea leaf together. In this case tea is symbol of peace. According to Myanmar Customary Law our wedding do not need reception. The couple can get recognition they are wife and husband by paying packages of tea leaf to their neighborhoods seven house in the East and seven houses in the West. In this circumstance tea became witness of contract. Moreover tea leaf, lahpet is important thing for offering to the guardian spirits to getting forgiven and safeguard to them. In this situation tea is oblation. So a strange tea is not only food but also essential thing for special events in Myanmar society.

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