Kanbawzarthardi Golden Palace

Kanborzarthardi Golden Palace is situated at Bago. King Bayinnaung who founded the second Myanmar Empire built this Palace and named Kanborzarthardi Golden Palace in 16th century. Every people needs houses to live and to protect the weather conditions. The building where the King or Queen lives is called Palace, where the Monks live is called Monastery and where the ordinary people live is called House. Every building is built to show the owners’ classic, their living standard and their power. King Bayinnaung’s territorial land is larger than the present day Myanmar. When he constructed his Palace the governors of his territorial lands donated teak pillars inscribe their land to show his authority. It means each Pillar represented one region or division which contained in the Empire. Those original teak Pillars are showed at new Kanborzarthardi Golden Palace which are found when excavated the Palace area. The present Palace was reconstructed in the late 20th century. After King Bayinnaung died his son Prince Nanda became the King but he couldn’t conserve his father’s empire. After that the Second Myanmar Empire was crumbled and the original Palace was destroyed and burnt down in 1599. Thus I got one concept when I visited there for maintaining of the properties is harder than trying to get the achievement. Visiting to Kanborzarthardi Golden Palace is contained in one-day tour of Bago. Bago sightseeing is one the best sightseeing in Myanmar and if visitors have 2 days in Yangon, they should do one day for Yangon sightseeing and the rest is Bago sightseeing for one day.

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