Is Myanmar safe for German Tourists?

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Myanmar is really safe to visit

Some tourists say that Myanmar is not safe to travel? Actually, Myanmar is really safe to visit although some parts of the country are still remaining off limits. Some of the areas are totally inaccessible to foreigners and you won’t be allowed anyway if it is in danger. Some areas are restricted but still possible to explore by asking for the permission of the government and respective authorities. For the tourists who have ever been there, realize how much the country is peaceful and interesting. You can also check it out from them and you will see and hear about positive reviews for how much the country is nice and safe to visit. People in Myanmar are also friendly and willing to give the tourists a warm welcome. When they know that you are a tourist, they will look at you with a smile and give you a favor everywhere. They also like to take a photo with you and get pleasure when you accept it.

Myanmar people are welcoming the German tourists

In Myanmar, people will see and treat everybody the same but usually being a tourist is a favor. Most are Buddhists and Buddhist literature says to hold the compassion. So, in accordance with the teaching of Buddha, they are helpful, patient, charming and have empathy. May be they can’t speak German language but don’t worry. They can communicate with you in English. Some of them can speak in English very well but some are not so good. May be you are the same. If so, I’m sure that you won’t be discriminated in carrying conversation because the people will give you a smile at least and try to get you in by using some easy and short English and heartwarming body language. If you prefer, there are Professional German Tourist guide for your perfect holiday.

Easy Entrance to Myanmar for German tourists

German tourists with ordinary passport have been granted a visa on arrival at Yangon International Airport, Mandalay International Airport and Nay Pyi Daw International Airport for one year, effective from 1st October, 2019. Each person will be charged 50 USD and is allowed to stay for a maximum of 30 days. So, you do not need to worry about visa and can easily enter the country.

Myanmar meets German Tourists’ needs

For German’s huge interest in culture, do not keep any doubt to see the rich culture of Myanmar. You can see the ancient pagodas, temples and Buddhist monuments everywhere and the authentic culture and tradition will arouse your interest. It also occupies UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Memory of the World. One of them is Bagan which stands for your great interest in culture and imagine the thousands of ancient pagodas dating back to 13-19 centuries. The indigenous people and their culture and tradition are still remaining genuine and are worth your visit. So, you should been to Myanmar during your lifetime to see this unique view you can’t experience anywhere around the world.

Lakes, Forests and mountains for German tourists

People say German tourists love lakes, forests and mountains. If so, Myanmar is the right place because it is also rich in natural landscapes. Indaw gyi Lake and Inle Lake are worldwide famous and Inle Lake is full with fascinating things. You can also trek in the forest of Myanmar, especially in Chin State and enjoy the spectacular scenery and take the stunning photographs.

Thing that suits German Tourists’ Expectation

Almost everybody likes to fly and flop and drink beer and sangria on their holidays. I think so do German tourists. So, besides the beer, try to taste traditional drinks called Kaung Ye (traditional alcoholic beverage locally made from red millet) and palm wine and enjoy your beautiful holiday. This is one of the must-do in Myanmar that suits German tourists’ expectation.

German tourists love Myanmar

Tourists love Myanmar. In Mandalay, Paung Daw Oo is an integrated monastic education high school. The school is giving the high quality education, free of charge. It is running for academic programs, vocational training and religious education. There, you can see the foreign volunteer teachers for some programs and projects. Most of them are German tourists, interested in and love Myanmar. So, there is no need to say that Myanmar can attract German tourists.

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