Irrawaddy Dolphins Population 2019

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Dolphins are aquatic mammals. They are included in the intelligent animals and close and friendly to people. So, people know them well and know Dolphins are living only in the saltwater. But, in Myanmar, we found the dolphins rarely living under freshwater of Irrawaddy River which is the so-called lifeblood of Myanmar.

Where to find Irrawaddy Dolphins Myanmar?

 Although some freshwater dolphin species are also found in some parts of Southeast Asia and in some rivers of Brazil, they have been found in the Irrawaddy River first. That is why all the freshwater dolphins all over the world are called Irrawaddy Dolphins. And, the most interesting factor about Irrawaddy Dolphins in Myanmar is that they have a good relationship with the fishermen. They assist the fishermen in fishing. The fishermen call up them by tapping on the sides of their boats with a wooden mallet or by making some voices from their mouths.

And, the fisherman is waiting on the boat and being ready to throw his net. The fishermen have specific dolphins. That means when the fishermen “Mr.Joe” calls, only his specific one “Dolphin Sophie” comes and swims by gathering fish into a form of a circle. Then, the dolphins locate the fish by hitting the water with the fishtail and the fisher throws the net and there is a lot of fish in the net when they pull it up. And, the fishers give some fish back to the dolphin for its help.

Irrawaddy Dolphins Population

Dolphins Help Fisherman

So, in the Irrawaddy river, fishermen and dolphins assist each other. This fishing technique is a tradition derived from their forefathers. This may be unbelievable to some people but it’s real and amazing. Now, we designated the Irrawaddy River between Mingun and Kyauk Myaung as the protected area for Irrawaddy Dolphins.

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It is also the only place in the world the animals and humans live in perfect harmony. And, regional authorities and respective social communities are making conservation for dolphins, including educating the local people.

You can also explore the local lifestyle and get a great touch with local people of the villages around. So, it is “killing two birds with one stone.”

If you are a nature lover and interested in Irrawaddy Dolphin Tours, contact us at any time.

Video Courtesy of Karen W Lim

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