Mandalay to Bagan Day Cruise

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Both Mandalay and Bagan are famous for their rich culture and they are also located in the distance of four hours’ drive. So, tourists are visiting both sites on the same trip. Options are by cars, buses, air and cruise. If you have time, the most relaxing way to Bagan from Mandalay is to go on cruise, upstreaming the Irrawaddy River.

There are three cruise companies to Bagan- RV Panorama, N Maikha and MGRG. You can pick one of them and start your trip to Bagan, leaving the precious moments. To take the cruise, you need to get up early because the cruise leaves Mandalay at 06:00 AM. When you take a taxi from your hotel to the jetty, it’s still dark and you can see the alive early morning of market. But, it will depend on the location of your hotel. When you are at the jetty, you can see many cruises and boats. At 6:00 AM, the cruise start to leave and the crew leader will introduce himself and explain about the itinerary along the way. The seats are very comfortable and the crews are so friendly.

After upstreaming around an hour, you can have your breakfast on the upper deck. At the same time, you can see half of the red sun appearing gradually and beautifully in the mist, coloring the sky. And then, the sun is brightly rising and turns into yellow, reflecting the surface of Irrawaddy. Imagine a relaxing breakfast on a cruise with the beautiful sunrise, feeling a fresh breeze coming from the river. Even though you have finished your breakfast, I am sure you won’t want to go down to the lower deck because the scenery is extremely stunning. It looks like the rising sun is following us. Around 7:30 am, you will see the Sagaing Bridge lying in the blanket of fog across over the Irrawaddy River. The view of the bridge from the cruise is really delightful. The cruise is gradually coming close to the bridge and passes under the bridge. And, you can see the sun is shining cross the Bridge and there is no word to say how beautiful the view is. Then, continue sailing and enjoying the beautiful pleasant scenery with the cool breeze coming from the river. Or you can stay relax or listen to a song inside the lower deck. On the upper deck, it is cold because of the wind. So, you need to bring some warm clothes.

Around 10:00 AM, the cruise will stop at a village for a while and make sightseeing around the village. Before sightseeing, you need to put some sun cream on your skin. You will have to walk around the village and the crew leader will explain about the village. You can see the vegetable plantation like potato and the cocks going around the plantation. The crews will bring you to see the natural cow feed. Normally cow feeds are peanut straw and rice straw. They will also demonstrate how to cut the peanut straw to feed the cows. Along the way, you will see many rice straw stacks at almost every house and the oxen. One interesting thing is the locally made hats which are made of wheat straw in many different forms. And, these are in sale and so, get some bargain. Moreover, you can see some women are twisting the wheat straw for making hats in their free time. After sightseeing around the village, come back to the cruise.

Now, it’s time for lunch with Burmese set menu. The crews have already collected from you from which kinds of meat will go with your lunch. So, have your delicious lunch. After lunch, take the sunbath on the upper deck and have a relaxing talk with the fresh breath. Spend your day in the sunshine. At 3:00 PM, it is for show time. I am sure it is really attractive to you. The crews will demonstrate how to wear the Longyi for men and women and how useful the longyi is in the daily life of Burmese people. It is really interesting and has a lot of fun. The crews are so nice and very good at demonstration and explanation. Next one for show time is wearing Thanatkha, Myanmar natural cosmetic. Not only how to wear Thanatkha but also the history of Thanatkha. One thing is you can take part in this demonstration. So, why don’t you participate to leave the unforgettable moments? You will realize how enjoyable and interesting it is when you take the cruise.

The cruise will come close to Bagan around 5:00 pm. You can see the many ancient pagodas from cruise with the background of sunset. It is extremely stunning. Pick your camera and take the photos and video for your beautiful moments. This trip will take nearly the whole day-06:00 AM to 05:00 PM. But it is really worth your visit if you have time and wants a relaxing trip. The spectacular scenery, nice crews, beautiful sunrise and sunset and fresh breeze coming from Irrawaddy make the perfect day for you. Depending on the cruise company you choose, the service and components can be different but the spectacular sunrise, sunset, scenery and fresh cool breeze of Irrawaddy will always exist.

To experience these memories, LM Travel Myanmar is ready to arrange this cruise trip for you. Totally trust us for your relaxing cruise trip to Bagan and take your breath out into the Irrawaddy.

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