Cooking class in Myanmar

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Traveling is the best way to learn about traditions, culture, history and ways of life of the people around the world. Please see below for benefits of traveling,

  1. Travel exposes you to different environments, which create stronger antibodies and boost your immune system significantly.
  2.  Travel lowers stress levels.
  3. Travel improves your brain health.
  4.  Travel will decrease your risk of heart disease.
  5.  Travel keeps you fit.
  6.  There are a lot of places on Earth that have healing properties.
  7.  Travel will let you live longer.

Why cooking class while traveling?

If you travel other countries or places, I would like to recommend you to join cooking class to learn  how to cook healthy food traditionally and how other people cook their own food. As there are many different foods based on nationality around the world , learning how other people cooking must be fun for any travelers. After learning about recipes and how to cook at some place , you could cook for your family on holidays and tell your family members and friend about other people food and table manners.Cooking class in Myanmar. There are many cooking class in Myanmar and there are 135 Ethnic groups so we have different food and cooking style. In Shan state, you have better try Shan Food and generally Myanmar people enjoy Burmese food so I would like to recommend Burmese food.

Lin’s Family Experience

If you are willing to join cooking class to know how to cook, enjoy Burmese food and learn ways of life of Burmese people, we recommend to go this place. It is in remote area where no tourist visits there and worth to visit Thonezepay village and have a lunch that you cooked. Please see below for the link

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