Burma People

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Is Myanmar for you to visit?

Burma or Myanmar is not the country to visit if you are looking for highly commercialized tourist attractions and generic activities to fill your time. Instead, Myanmar is a very different experience, unique, distinct and authentic timeless destination that has only recently opened to the west of the world. What make Myanmar so special is its people. People in Myanmar still maintain an old way of living life, a slower pace. Family and community-oriented, they take the time to genuinely connect with and care about their relatives and friends that, in many countries these days has become difficult to do.

Who live in Myanmar and what is their religion?

Myanmar is formed of Seven States and Seven Regions and 135 national races live in respective regions. But, eight of them are the main ethnic groups and the majority is Burmese and Buddhists. And, they use the Burmese Language as national mother one and they deeply believe in Buddha, witnessing the temples and pagodas all over the country. They are happy and free-handed for donations and their benevolence and affection on others are great and lovely. Except the Burmese, most of the races commonly live on mountain ranges as hill tribes. Besides, most of them are in countryside and the major lively-hood is farming. Whatever, pleasant smile on their face and honesty are the same. Myanmar people, especially in remote places are still shy to speak to the foreigners but they are really helpful to others and you are welcomed with open arms. Moreover, Myanmar is known as golden Land because of many gilded pagodas and golden ripe paddy fields all over the country.

What should we do in Myanmar?

In fact, try to walk around the road, speak to the people, taste their food, explore their culture and tradition and participate in their activities and then, you will know how much it is heart-warming and why it is actually golden about Myanmar. Their national Burmese dress stands as their specific standard because they wear it almost all of the time. Their dress style is still traditional one and make them different from other parts of the world. This specific dress is the first one which catches the foreigner’s eyes.

So, you will see their lifestyle is also great different from the rest part of the world. As a visitor to Myanmar, you can really feel this sincere and heartfelt hospitality from all the Myanmar people you encounter.

How to visit to Myanmar?

In Myanmar, the people make the difference. If you are ready to visit to Myanmar , please contact [email protected] at any time for you memorable holidays.

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