Beautiful Lovers Island

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Chaung Thar is already well known not only among local people but also among tourists because of being accessible easily and being not too much expensive. It reflects the fun despite it is crowded. It offers a range of enjoyable activities and one of them is to visit near Lover Island. During the high tide, you can take a boat there but the low tide reveals a passageway of the seafloor to the island, making the visitors able to go on foot. This small land is covered with wild rain forests. Although some stories are said with respect to the name of the island, it seems to be the name which was given by the foreigner couples who spent their time there leisurely. Whatever, it is a lovely and romantic place for every couple. Moreover, it is the best place to see the beautiful sunset. During the low tide, take a relaxing walk with your love to the island. Private talk to each other, feeling the cool breeze coming from the sea and create a romantic time. Imagine the sunset with the sea or beach background, sitting with your love at the island. It will be full of happiness and so meaningful for love birds. The statute of the mermaid in front of the island is also wonderful and people love to take a photo with it. So, if you are in Chaung Thar beach, why don’t you create a perfect time at the island.

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