Beaches in Myanmar

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Myanmar is rounded by Bay of Bangal in the west and Andaman sea in the south. So, it occupies both the deep sea ports and  many beautiful beaches all over the country. Supporting the transportation of cargos , deep sea ports are very important for the trade growth of Myanmar. As well as, the beaches are also vital for taking leisure and relaxation. Among the beaches, the beautiful and most-visited ones are Ngapali, Chaung Thar, Ngwe Saung, Maungmakan and Setse beach.

Ngapali Beach

The most beautiful beach with white sand and palm-tree lined coast in Rakhine State. When you touch the crystal blue water, it make you fresh and cool. And, it is not still crowded so that it is a quiet and peaceful place, enjoying the sun. The beach is the best place for your relaxation and leisure mode. The sunset and sunrise at the beach with the sea background is very delightful, making your holiday perfect. Number of resorts spread out next to the fishing villages are in the perfect match with the beach.  Many activities are available, counting the snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, cycling or motor-biking down the beach and around the fishing villages. One special thing is the golf-course near the main beach resort. Besides, take a trip to villages on a local fishing boat, touching local life and exploring the fishing farm. If you are looking for a relaxing place with peaceful environment, do not hesitate to pay a visit to the beach.

Chaung Thar

The great place to enjoy the sand, sun and sand . It is a very popular one among visitors, situating 5 hours’ drive from Yangon, the commercial city. Its price is a quite reasonable but remains with beautiful and pleasant views. It is a little crowdedbut that make it fun.You can easily pick up for accommodation, transportation and food because of many hotels, resorts, restaurants, teahouse, beer stations along the beach. It offers a range of seafoods, also. And, it has the enjoyable beach activities such as horse riding, cycling, quad biking, taking inflatable rings. It occupies some offshore islands around to explore and snokel.The famous Ngwesaungbeach sit near it on the same coast whereas you can take a cycling tour between these two. So, if you like to create an enjoyable trip with your friends, having fun, the beach is the best choice without costing you too much.

Ngwe Saung beach

This beach is in similar position with the Ngapali beach because of its white sand and clean water. But, the beach is a little cheap compared with Ngapali. This pleasant beach occupies the lover’s island near where you can see the breathtaking view of the sun goes down into the sea. Now, the Rakhine mountain ranges became popular for trekking for the visitors to the beach. Trek up the mountain ranges and into the forest and seek the natural beauty of the region. The elephant camp on the way to Ngwesaungworths your visit. The KyaukMaunghnama Pagoda, signifying the brother and sister rocks and the two other pagodas of Hsutaungpyiperched on two rocks are good spots to visit.You can also sunbathe on the beach, eat good seafood at the restaurants, play volleyball on the beach, or go windsurfing and kayaking.For night life, just hire a cycle or motorbike to wander around the area or stay relax at the hotel, feeling the cool breeze coming off of the sea.So, take a vacation to the beach if you are planning to visit a lovely place.

Setse Beach

This beach is wide and brown sand lined beach, locating in southern part of Myanmar. Its coast is delimited with casuarina trees. You can hire rubber rings and ride tricycle along the beach. You can also swim and walk along to the temple on the rock at low tide.

Maungmakan Beach

This is a beautiful beach with many snails and oysters along the coast. Picking up the shells of snails and oysters is one of the fun activities. It is also a great place for seafood and coconut juice. Enjoying sunset on the local fishing boat is a must-do at the beach.

So, you can enjoy different kinds of beach life in Myanmar, depending on your favor. And, if you like to, please contact us at any time for best services.

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