Balloons Over Bagan

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Hot Air Ballooning Over Bagan

Thousands of pagodas and Buddhist monuments are making Bagan alive and amazing. Visitors wander around the city and pagodas by using different kinds of transportation. Visiting by E-bike is the most enjoyable and popular one. But, riding the hot air balloon over Bagan will give you the life time experience for your perfect holiday vibe. Ballooning may be expensive compared to other activities in Bagan but it isreally a worthy one for what you pay.

Balloon companies in Bagan

Lately, riding hot air balloon became a popular activity among visitors and the Balloon companies are also operating, offering the best services.

Three best hot air balloon operators-

Depending on the companies, the price and services will be a little different. And, so do the criteria such as cancellation policy. You have three options for types of Balloon – Classic, Premium, and Honeymoon. The basket of Classic type is available from 12-16 pax. Premium class is more comfortable, better services and more expensive, serving up to 8 pax. The Honeymoon one is the private charter and the most expensive.

Nature of Ballooning

In the pretty early morning ( around 4 or 5 AM ), the bus from the balloon company will pick you up at the hotel to the starting point for riding the balloon. There, you can see the pilot and his team are inflating the balloon. Before flying, you need to listen to the experienced pilot’s important safety briefing. It takes about an hour, flying over the thousand ancient pagodas. You can see the breathtaking panoramic view of the whole compound fully filled with pagodas. Before the sun rises, you will see spectacular foggy scenery with plants and pagodas when you look down from the balloon. It is really impressive and attractive. Watching the sun rises by riding the balloon will leave unforgettable moments for you. Before taking off the balloon, with enjoying the sunrise, you will be served with light breakfast. After landing, you can also take part in Champagne Celebration and receive a personalized flight certificate signed by the pilot as your life experience. You will also get the complimentary inflight photos (even exclusive memory stick with inflight photos and video in some companies). After that, you will be transferred to the hotel.

The services will vary depending on your choice of company and on your choice of balloon type. If you like to ride, you can book online or in person. But, the closer the date to fly, the more the price. And, there are many criteria such as your weight and height. If you exceed the allowable weight, you have to pay double price. And there are many other complicated criteria and the price is very sensitive because of the price manipulation of the balloon company. So, if you want to be sure to gain a fair price and not miss the riding, the best way is to contact the travel agents. And, our company is also one of the best agents and we have contracted with the balloon companies. So, we can offer you the best agent rate and make everything is sure not to miss the ride. So, please do not hesitate to contact us for your exciting and amazing balloon ride in Bagan.

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