Capitals of Myanmar

Capitals of Myanmar In every country, the capital is its figurehead and plays in an important role of the country such as transportation of cargos. With the time passing, capital of a country is changing but every city which has   ever been a capital has its own story. So does Myanmar. In the first Myanmar …

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Beaches in Myanmar

Myanmar is rounded by Bay of Bangal in the west and Andaman sea in the south. So, it occupies both the deep sea ports and  many beautiful beaches all over the country. Supporting the transportation of cargos , deep sea ports are very important for the trade growth of Myanmar. As well as, the beaches …

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Burma People

Is Myanmar for you to visit? Burma or Myanmar is not the country to visit if you are looking for highly commercialized tourist attractions and generic activities to fill your time. Instead, Myanmar is a very different experience, unique, distinct and authentic timeless destination that has only recently opened to the west of the world. …

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