Top Ten Lacquerware Products in Myanmar

In Myanmar, making Lacquerwares is called “Pan Yun” which is making materials using bamboo or wood and thick black paint. It is also included in the top ten arts of Myanmar and Bagan is especially famous for making lacquerwares. Even the Lacquerware Technology College is opened in Bagan. It is so delicate and detailed that needs skill, artistry and patience. Although various shapes of lacquerwares are available, there are top ten lacquerware products which you can see the most around the country- alm offering vessels, Green tea leaf boxes, betelnut boxes, alm bowls, tissues box, visiting card boxes, trays, table mats, cups and bracelets. You can see these shapes of lacquerwares both for use and for souvenirs.

Alm offering vessels

Since a long time ago, alm offering vessels have been used a. Nowadays, it can be seen, being displayed as a decorative material at the hotel lobby, restaurant and some other attractions because of its beautiful shape. You can also see it as a ceremonial religious thing at the Burmese Novitation ceremony and at the monastery. Various sizes of alm offering vessels are available. Not only it is beautiful but also it gives the sense of the Myanmar ancient time.

Tea leaf boxes

Green tea leaf goes together with the Burmese tradition. When you visit a local Burmese house, you will be hosted with tea leaf salad and green tea. At the time, the salad was served with the lacquered box many years ago. Today, you can see the lacquered tea leaf box for serving traditional style. And, it is still one of lacquerware products which you can see the most.

Betel and cigar boxes

At a religious or traditional occasion, offering betel, Burmese cigar and tea leaf together is the most obvious tradition which is still being held by the Burmese people. So, Burmese people used the lacquered boxes for serving these with beautiful receptors for the auspicious occasion. That’s why the boxes are popular.

Alm bowls

As Myanmar is a Buddhist country, you can see the monks everywhere around the country. If so, you will also see the monks are wandering to collect alm food with the alm bowls called ‘Tha Beik’ in Burmese. Those alm bowls are ones of the lacquerware products. In spite of use of steel alm bowls today, the lacquered ones are still occupying the places for alm bowls.

Tissue boxes

In almost all places, tissue boxes are always special ones as a decorative accessory. In Myanmar, using a lacquered box is a perfect decorative design. With more creativity, many beautiful designs are alive on the tissue boxes to catch your eyes. If you want a souvenir, get one for your lovely table set.

Visiting card boxes

In Myanmar, people use the lacquered boxes to keep the visiting cards as part of work table design.


Trays are used to carry many things in one time, especially like hot or cold cups. The advantage of using lacquered trays is that it is heat-resistant. It is also beautiful and traditional style

Table mats

As I mentioned above, lacquered table mats are also heat-resistant. If so, why don’t we use as  table mats.


You can see the stunning lacquered cups at every lacquerware shop. These cups are abundantly used and sold whith many impressive designs. Pick a cup for your souvenir.


Lacquerware products are always decorative and attractive. So, it is not strange to wear as an accessory. Especially, lacquered bracelets are really creative.

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