Corona Virus in Myanmar!

Now, the case of corona virus is trending worldwide. Such kinds of diseases are most likely started from wet markets. Wet markets are the mix of people, live and dead animals, making the disease easily infect to human from the animals. To be specific, the virus has originated from the Huanan Sea food Wholesale Market in Wuhan of China. Then, the virus spreads through the country, especially in Wuhan. Markets like Huanan in China are called wet market because vendors often slaughter the animals in front of customers. After figuring out that the market is to be the most likely starting point for the outbreak of the virus, it was closed and the trade of live animal at wet markets has been banned by Wuhan authorities. The corona virus has killed hundreds of people and infected thousands of people in China.

Now, it has spread many other countries. So, how about Myanmar? Myanmar is geographically closed to China. So, Myanmar prepared for prevention of the virus as much as possible. At the international airports and border gates, it has emphasized on prevention of the corona virus. Until now, there are just 14 suspected people but in fact, no one was infected by the virus. They have been under the government’s treatment and confirmed that they are just in normal fever and cough. Although no infection has been reported in Myanmar, the health authorities and general public are still focusing on prevention. So, Myanmar is still safe. Whatever, prevention is first and take care yourself. Our LM Travel Myanmar wishes you a safe and happy trip in Myanmar.

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